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pfc Precision Film Capacitors and Standards
pfc Precision Film Capacitors and Standards
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pfc Precision Film Capacitors and Standards

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Electrocube pfc Precision Capacitors and Standards Kit

Sold in complete kits or individually, Electrocube’s pfc Precision Film Capacitors and Standards are stabilized silvered mica and polystyrene dielectric capacitors. The pfc Precision Film Capacitors and Standards feature a wide application for calibration standards, breadboard components, circuit stimulation devices and precision components in stable frequency or timing networks.

Remaining within 0.1% of original calibration, the kit is a close-tolerance, stable capacitor set with calibration traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. Use of four capacitors plus the adapter makes any capacitance value accurate to four significant figures with ±0.1% tolerance.


  • Highest grade, clear India ruby mica, optimizing electrical characteristics
  • Maximum insulation resistant/minimum dissipation factor
  • pfc standards are accurate as laboratory standards after 10 years of use, remaining within 0.1% of original calibration
  • Moisture sealed to ensure a long operating life
  • Designed to provide moderately-priced, high precision, versatile laboratory standards
  • Considerably smaller and lighter than other designs
  • Sold as a set or individually
  • Available with a 4-position adapter calibrated for stray capacitance with a durable aluminum carrying case
  • Wide applications: calibration standard, breadboard component, circuit simulation device and a precision component in stable frequency or timing networks
  • Available in values up to 10.0 mfd.


  • Equipment repair/metrology labs for repair, calibration and certification of company equipment
  • Equipment calibration labs to repair and certify calibration for clients
  • Single-use for one or two values with a particular equipment need
  • Capacitor manufacturers for calibration

Clients benefit from Electrocube’s experience in application engineering with regular complimentary consultations to meet the highest calibration standards. Looking for more information?

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