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Electrocube Data Sheets
Electrocube Data Sheets

971A Series Metallized Polypropylene Plastic Case Quick Disconnect Capacitors

Capacitors Product Data Sheets

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The 971A Series Snubber Capacitors were designed for AC applications such as motor start, motor run, fluorescent lamp ballast and other commercial applications. A wide range of rectangular epoxy case sizes are available with quick disconnect terminals. Wrap and fill designs are also available on special order.

Extended metallized polypropylene is used as the dielectric material.

Electrocube recognizes and supports the circuit design needs for specific mounting configurations, voltages and capacitances for capacitor models not shown. Special designs can be manufactured to meet any existing or future requirement.

For specific information on your product needs, contact your local sales representative or Electrocube directly.

The potting material and epoxy endfills of Electrocube’s capacitors meet or exceed the flammability requirements of UL94VO.

Dimensional variations for all MFD values are available with the same volume to meet your design requirements.

Specifications for 971A Series Metallized Polypropylene Plastic Case Quick Disconnect Capacitors

Capacitance Tolerance: ±10%
Temperature: -55°C to +70°C at rated voltage
Dielectric Voltage Test:Will withstand the application of 175% rated
DC voltage for a period not to exceed 1 minute at 25°C; current limited to 5 mA.
DC Life Test: Will withstand the application of 125% rated VDC at
85°C for 1000 hours, with not more than 1 failure in 12 permitted;
current limited to 5 mA
Dissipation Factor: Shall not exceed .20% at 25°C.
Acceptance Criteria: Measurement frequency for capacitance
and dissipation factor shall be 120 Hz.
Insulation Resistance: At rated voltage or 500V, whichever
is less, units shall meet the minimum values below:
TEMP. (°C) 25
Terminals:1/4” Quick Disconnect terminals


For information regarding insulating sleeves, mountings, special terminals, non-standard leads, circuit connections and other hardware, please consult factory.

For styles and ratings not shown, or for unusual requirements necessitated by special circuit applications (including higher IR or lower DF), consult the factory direct.

All Electrocube film capacitors have endfills and tape that
meet or exceed the flammability requirements of UL94V0.

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