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Bishop Electronics
Bishop Electronics
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Bishop Electronics

Film capacitor manufacturer

Electrocube acquired Bishop Electronics, a privately held manufacturer of custom and standard film capacitors previously located in Pico Rivera, CA. Today, Bishop operations are located at Electrocube’s manufacturing facilities in Pomona, CA.

Bishop Electronics was founded by William Bishop and James Bowman in 1977 -- valuable members of the capacitor industry since the early 1960's. Bishop Electronics specialized in standard and custom precision film capacitors for tolerances from 1% to 20% and high-end audio capacitors. The company positioned itself as a “capacitor problem-solver” for design engineers and a diversity of global industries.

Electrocube now manufactures the Bishop Electronics brand of wound, dielectric film, extended foil film capacitors. Construction includes metalized film, and foil and film capacitors with tin-coated or copper-clad steel leads.

Looking for Bishop capacitors?

See our list of Bishop capacitors and their corresponding Electrocube capacitors.  Electrocube acquires Bishop Electronics precision film capacitors, audio capacitors lines

What are some of Bishop Electronics capacitor features?

  • Capacitance dimension .001 µf to 100 µf (custom values available)
  • Voltage 67 V to 660 V and 35 VDC to 1000 VDC (other voltages available)
  • Temperature -40 C to +125 C
  • RoHS compliant, non-compliant and Pb free

Looking for more specifications?

Check out our Bishop Electronics film capacitor data sheets or the Electrocube/Bishop Electronics capacitor reference guide.

Want to know which capacitor is right for your needs?

Electrocube’s Capacitor Performance Chart is a quick guide to choose the best capacitor for your needs.

What applications are Bishop Electronics capacitors used for?

  • High-end audio manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military

How to find Bishop Electronic Film Capacitors?

All are available factory direct or through an international network of sales reps and stocking distributors.

Looking for more?

Benefit from Electrocube’s manufacturing and supply experience in application engineering with regular complimentary consultations to solve the most challenging electrical energy problems. Or visit our documentation library to learn from experience on a variety of electrical component issues. For example, do you know why capacitors fail?

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