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AEL High Pulse, Low ESR Aluminum Electrolytic Audio Capacitors

Audio-optimized Film Capacitors

The Electrocube Type AEL series offers audio-enhanced electrolytic capacitors. The audio capacitor construction creates its unique high performance and long-life characteristics. Audio engineers prefer its enriched tones for speakers and amplifiers to obtain classic sound. The Type AEL series is part of a designated line of audio capacitors specially optimized for the high-end audio industry using design and manufacturing techniques proprietary to Electrocube.

Available in round shape with axial lead
Available in round shape with axial lead
  • Tolerance ±20%
  • Voltages available from 63 VDC to 500 VDC Metal enclosure with shrink on sleeve
  • Compliance and certification to worldwide and other environmental standards available upon request; available in RoHS construction only
  • Customizable insulating sleeves, mountings, special terminals, non-standard leads, circuit connections and other hardware
  • Assorted styles, ratings and customization for unusual requirements necessitated by special circuit applications


Temperature range
  • -45°C to +85°C

Acceptance criteria

  • Measurement frequency for capacitance 120 Hz
Surge Voltage
  • ≤ 250V: surge voltage = 1.15 x rated voltage 
  • ≥ 400V: surge voltage = 1.10 x rated voltage 
  • Maximum reverse voltage: 2.0 V
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