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Retro Vintage Type PF Audio Capacitors

Audio-optimized Film Capacitors

The Electrocube Type PF series offers original vintage tone for guitars and amplifiers in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Its paper oil-filled construction encased in a metal tube, then hermetically sealed, makes for high performance and long life characteristics. Proudly made in the U.S., the Type PF Retro series is part of a designated line of capacitors specially optimized for the high-end audio industry using design and manufacturing techniques proprietary to Electrocube. Audio engineers prefer the authentic, old-style soft sound it creates for professional, commercial stage and studio use.


Temperature range

  • -55°C to +85°C at rated voltage
  • Up to +125°C with 50% voltage derating

Dielectric strength

  • Will withstand 200% at rated voltage and 25°C for a period not to exceed 1 minute
  • Current limited to 5 mA

Life test

  • Will withstand rated voltage for 250 hours at +125°C with not more than 1 failure in 12 permitted

Dissipation factor

  • Will not exceed 1.0% at 25°C

Acceptance criteria

  • Measurement frequency for capacitance and dissipation factor will be:
    • 1,000 Hz for values up to 1 mfd.
    • 120 Hz for values over 1 mfd.

Insulation resistance

  • At rated voltage or 500 V, whichever is less, units will meet minimum values as follows:
Type PF Retro Series
Available in round shape with axial-lead, oil-filled, metal enclosure hermetically sealed
Type PF Retro Series
Available in round shape with axial-lead, oil-filled, metal enclosure hermetically sealed


  • Non-inductively wound extended foil construction with standard tin-coated, oxygen-free solid copper leads
  • Tolerances available to 10%
  • Voltages available from 200 VDC to 600 VDC
  • Compliance and certification to worldwide and other environmental standards available upon request; available in Non-RoHS construction only
  • Customizable insulating sleeves, mountings, special terminals, non-standard leads, circuit connections and other hardware
  • Assorted styles, ratings and customization for unusual requirements necessitated by special circuit applications (including higher IR or lower DF)
* Add tolerance designator to complete part number: K = ±10%, M = ±20%
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