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Current Transformers

Instrument transformers, single phase, multiple phase

What are current transformers (CTs) used for?

Electrocube current sensing transformers, also known as instrument transformers, are used primarily for power system wiring protection and power supply control in commercial jetliners, military aircraft and land-based defense facilities.

How do Electrocube single phase and multiple phase current transformers (CTs) work?

The donut-shaped, single phase instrument transformers and the 3+hole block, multiphase instrument transformers can be installed as a permanent part of the powering system or as a “clamp-on” design for temporary monitoring. The secondary current (generally much lower than the primary current) can be monitored or used as a “fail-safe” indicator to shut down the system during an over-current or under-current situation.

What are some features of Electrocube current transformers?

  • Single phase CTs and multiple phase CTs designed and manufactured to client specifications
  • Wound to specific ratio (primary to secondary ratio)
  • Predictable characteristics – overloads and short circuits

What commercial and industrial applications are Electrocube current transformers (CTs) used for?

  • Commercial avionics and avionics components
  • Aerospace support
  • Common aerospace commodities
  • Interior aircraft lighting, exterior aircraft lighting
  • Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems
  • Propulsion systems
  • New technology
  • Mobile equipment
  • Private avionics and private jet components
  • Light rail transportation, subway, commuter trains

How to find Electrocube current transformers (CTs)?

All are available factory direct and, as a manufacturing distributor, the Electrocube brand of single instrument transformers and multiphase current transformers (CTs) is on the line cards of an international network of sales representatives and stocking distributors.

Want more information?

Contact the Electrocube sales team and check out the documentation library.

Looking for design manufacturing support?

Take advantage of Electrocube’s design experience in application engineering as a leading aerospace industry supplier. Schedule a complimentary consultation to solve even the most complex and challenging signal problems.


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