Electrocube, design manufacturer of electronic components

High Frequency Transformers

Aluminum or Copper Foil, CTs, TRUs for aerospace industry

What are transformers and how do Electrocube transformers work?

Transformers transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another via high-quality aluminum or copper foils for coil windings that increase reliability, efficiency and economy. Electrocube is a transformer manufacturer with many years of experience in manufacturing the most lightweight airborne components for the aerospace industry.

What makes Electrocube transformers light weight?

Necessity led to a company-funded development and testing program to invent, design and manufacture lighter transformers in 1968. Electrocube winds aluminum foil and proprietary termination to the foils to create a high current and a more lightweight transformer compared to standard wire wound transformers.

What are the transformers' features?

Used in a wide variety of applications – from lighting and aerospace to mobile equipment and private avionics – Electrocube high frequency transformers offer:

  • Single transformers or multiphase transformers
  • 40% average weight reduction over wire wound
  • High reliability in comparison to wire wound
  • A variety of configurations, including open frame, hermetic and environmental resistant packages

What are the types of transformers?

Electrocube transformers include:

Still looking for more on Electrocube transformers?

Contact an Electrocube design engineer to schedule a complimentary consultation to solve even the most challenging electrical energy problems.

How to find Electrocube transformers?

All Electrocube products are available factory direct and through an international network of sales representatives and stocking distributors.

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