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Seacor Capacitors

A subsidiary of Electrocube

Electrocube owns the Seacor brand of general purpose and precision, high voltage polyester, high pulse polypropylene, X2 suppression, motor start/run and standard/high ripple current electrolytic capacitors. Acquired in 2002, Seacor capacitors offer a broad selection of standard designs and features engineered to meet a wide range of specifications required to handle the demands of electrical power systems.

Seacor Capacitors

  • General purpose polyester and polypropylene
  • Precision polypropylene and polystyrene (not for new design)
  • High voltage/high pulse
  • Power electronics, including aluminum electrolytic
  • X2 suppression
  • Motor start
  • UL, CSA, SEV and VDE approvals


  • Aviation
  • Communication
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Military

Looking for More Seacor?

Clients of Seacor benefit from Electrocube’s experience in application engineering with regular complimentary consultations to solve the most challenging electrical energy problems. Looking for more information? Contact the Electrocube sales team or check out the documentation library. All Seacor products are available factory direct and through an international network of sales representatives and stocking distributors.

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