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Custom Film Capacitors

Made-to-order, custom electrical designs

With hundreds of combined years of electrical design capabilities, the Electrocube team precision designs, manufactures and tests custom film capacitors to meet client’s specifications – including unique sizes, cases, fills, wraps, configurations and terminations for any application. A dedicated partner with clients, Electrocube’s continuous, personalized design engineering support complements its full-service offering of custom film capacitors.


  • Capacitance range .0001 µf to 150 µf
  • Unique sizes, configurations and terminations
  • Custom design services, total engineering support/ manufacturing capabilities
  • Precision-designed
  • Low ESL/ESR
  • High current/voltage/pulse/frequency applications

Available Modifications

  • Moisture-resistant requirement
  • 100% I.R. required
  • Special D.F. requirement
  • Tape and reel required
  • Wrap and fill radial leads design
  • Premium stamp – two-part epoxy ink
  • Customer part number required on part
  • Special I.R. requirement
  • Glass tape, flame tape, flame end-fill (flame retardant)
  • Flame tape, flame end-fill (flame retardant)
  • 100% burn-in and I.R. required
  • Temperature cycle required
  • Flame end-fill only
  • 100K Hz ESR test
  • Clear wrap
  • RoHS, non-compliant, contains lead
  • 10K Hz screen test


  • Commercial avionics and ground-based applications
  • Military avionics and ground-based applications

Looking for a specific capacitor?

The Capacitor Performance Chart is your quick reference guide and includes full product details and modifications for each Electrocube standard film capacitor line to help you find what you’re looking for based simply on specifications, giving you a starting point to customize your product solutions.

Clients benefit from Electrocube’s experience in application engineering with regular complimentary consultations to solve the most challenging electrical energy problems. Looking for more information? Contact the Electrocube sales team or check out the documentation library. All Electrocube custom film capacitors are available factory direct or through an international network of sales reps and stocking distributors.

Have specific application requirements?

Send us your specifications for personalized assistance and recommendations.



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