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Standard Film Capacitors

Precision electrical energy storage, varying RMS current

What types of standard precision capacitors do Electrocube manufacture and distribute?

Electrocube maintains an extensive line of standard film capacitor designs, proven consistently reliable for more than five decades.

Made from a variety of materials, including metallized polyester, metallized polypropylene, metallized polycarbonate, metallized polyphenylene, hermetically-sealed mylar, kraft and film foil, standard Electrocube precision capacitors satisfy a wide range of temperatures, capacitor insulation resistance and other configuration requirements.

How does Electrocube standard film capacitors work?

Precision-wrap and fill capacitors, oval/round/flat capacitors and epoxy case/hermetically-sealed capacitors store energy for a number of applications such as AC and pulsing, low-loss/high frequency, high frequency/high current/low ESL/ESR and high voltage. Thousands of standard Electrocube capacitors are in stock to meet each client’s needs promptly and efficiently.

What are some features of Electrocube standard film capacitors?

  • Various capacitance dimensions and capacitor insulation resistances
  • Capacitance range from .0001 µf to 150 µf
  • Temperature ranges from -55 °C to +150 °C
  • Voltages from 35 VDC to 30 KVDC

What modifications are available for Electrocube capacitors in its standard line?

Clients that manufacture commercial jetliners, military aircraft or defense avionics benefit from Electrocube’s experience in application engineering. Standard modifications include:

  • Moisture-resistant requirement
  • 100% I.R. required
  • Special D.F. requirement
  • Tape and reel required
  • Wrap and fill radial leads design
  • Premium stamp – two-part epoxy ink
  • Customer part number required on part
  • Special I.R. requirement
  • Glass tape, flame tape, flame end-fill (flame retardant)
  • Flame tape, flame end-fill (flame retardant)
  • 100% burn-in and I.R. required
  • Temperature cycle required
  • Flame end-fill only
  • 100K Hz ESR test
  • Clear wrap
  • RoHS, non-compliant, contains lead
  • 10K Hz screen test

Looking for more specifications?

226 Series – High Voltage Metallized Polyester Capacitors
230-232A Series - Metallized Polyester Capacitors
247A-248A Series – Metallized Polyester Plastic Case, Quick Disconnect Capacitors 
250-252A Series – Polyester (Mylar) and Foil Capacitors
330-351D Series – Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide Capacitors
520 Series – Miniature High Voltage Capacitors
524 Series - Hermetically-Sealed Mylar, Kraft and Foil Capacitors (contact us)
650-653A Series – Metallized Polycarbonate Capacitors
730 Series – Metallized Combination Capacitors
732A Series – Metallized Combination Capacitors
744B Series – Metallized Combination Film IGBT Snubber Capacitors
925D Series – High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene
926B Series – Metallized Polypropylene IGBT Snubber Capacitors
931A-935D Series Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors
945 Series – High Current/High Frequency Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors
950-952A Series – Polypropylene and Foil Capacitors
958A Series – Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors
959A Series - Metallized Polypropylene DC Link Capacitors
970A Series Metallized Polypropylene Plastic Case Quick Disconnect Capacitors
971A Series Metallized Polypropylene Plastic Case Quick Disconnect Capacitors
980D Series – Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide Capacitors
985B Series – Double Metallized Polypropylene
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Want to know which standard film capacitor is right for you?

The Electrocube Capacitor Performance Chart is your quick reference guide and includes full product details and modifications for each Electrocube standard film capacitor line to help you find what you’re looking for based simply on specifications – from capacitance range and capacitor insulation resistance to capacitance stability and dielectric absorption. This is a helpful tool to avoid what causes capacitors to fail.

How to find Electrocube film capacitors?

They are proudly designed by Electrocube engineers in California and sold factory direct or through a global team of electrical engineering sales representatives and electronic component distributors.

Have specific application requirements?

Send us your specifications for personalized assistance and recommendations.



Looking for more information?

Visit our documentation library to learn from 50+ years of experience on a variety of electrical component issues to solve even the most challenging electrical energy problems. Or, contact the Electrocube capacitor sales team.

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