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Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs)

Custom designed and built, single/multi-phase electrical signal

Custom Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) designed and manufactured by Electrocube represent its most recent product expansion and one of the few component manufacturers in the United States.

Custom Built

TRUs are designed in-house at Electrocube's facility in California, TRUs utilize lightweight, high reliability foil transformers to produce a unique power supply. The key differentiator of the TRU is the ability to “multi-phase” or pulse the signal. These features allow the reduction of the output EMI Filter, eliminating excess weight and size.

Since TRUs are custom built and not off-the-shelf, allow six to 18 months for R&D design, quote, and prototype.


  • Custom built (allow 6 to 18 months for R&D design, quote, and prototype)
  • Compact size
  • Hermetically-sealed versions available
  • Thermal conduction cooling via mounting base plate or fan
  • Resistance (bonding resistance): <10 mΩ
  • MTBF: >50.000 h
  • Output current: 3 amps to 100 amps
  • High KVA output with 5 KVA to 50 KVA power range
  • High current TRUs also available in regulated and unregulated with multiple air options
  • Meet all exceptional reliability demands and environmental requirements for common commercial aircraft and mission critical military aircraft standards


  • Exceptional reliability and efficiency
  • Reduced weight
  • FAA-certified manufacturer
  • PMA
  • Approved supplier to leading aircraft manufacturers


  • Commercial aircraft: freighters
  • Military aircraft: fighters, tankers, trainers, helicopters, ground base units

Clients benefit from Electrocube’s experience in application engineering with regular complimentary consultations to solve the most challenging signal problems. Looking for more information? Check out the Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) data sheet, the documentation library or contact an Electrocube design engineer. All Electrocube products are available factory direct and through an international network of sales representatives and stocking distributors.

What are your TRU or ATRU application requirements?

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