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What are capacitors and how do Electrocube capacitors work?

Precision film capacitors – similar to mechanical elasticity – are passive electrical components that consist of two metal electrodes/plates separated by a dielectric (insulator) in order to store electrical energy. Electrocube is a capacitor manufacturer known for its capacitor designs with thousands of precision-wrap and fill, oval/round/flat and epoxy case/hermetically-sealed capacitors with high capacitor insulation resistance.

What are some features of Electrocube film capacitors for electronics?

These high-voltage capacitors – miniature wrap and fill capacitors – blend high-performance with longevity and durability. Electrocube’s variety of styles, capacitance dimensions and performance characteristics – standard, commodity and custom, plus low price and high volume – meet virtually all system requirements from the most demanding electrical systems to small electronic components.

Looking for a specific electronics capacitor?

Are you asking, “How do I know which capacitor to pick?” The Electrocube Capacitor Performance Chart includes full product details and modifications – including capacitor insulation resistance – for each Electrocube capacitor in its standard line.

This will help you narrow your search based simply on specifications – from capacitance dimension to capacitor insulation resistance and more – so you can avoid capacitor failure.

What types of precision capacitors and calibration capacitors does Electrocube offer?

Electrocube’s wide selection of film capacitor manufacturing and precision capacitor sales includes:

Have specific application requirements?

Send us your specifications for personalized assistance and recommendations.


Still looking for more?

Check out the film capacitor data sheets for performance specs or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with a capacitor design engineer to solve even the most challenging electrical energy problems. We can help with aerospace capacitors, military and defense capacitors, and audio capacitors.

In the Electrocube documentation library, you’ll discover insights on electrical energy and current such as:

How to find Electrocube capacitors?

All are available factory direct or on the brand line cards of an international network of capacitor sales reps and stocking capacitor distributors.

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