Electrocube, design manufacturer of electronic components

 Claudia Arballo, Electrocube Accounting & HR Manager
 Claudia Arballo, Electrocube Accounting & HR Manager

Claudia Arballo

Accounting & HR Manager

Claudia Arballo lives the mantra, “Go local and do the work.” The Pomona-native is a local girl who continues to make local good… and fits right into Electrocube – the local Pomona manufacturer’s hard-working, family-owned company.

“What I like about Electrocube is that everyone knows each other, knows each other’s roles and communicates well. That’s very different from larger companies. Here, I get to know the officers directly, the people as individuals, and get immediate feedback. We get to feel more invested and see the direct results of our work.”

As the Accounting and Human Resource Manager, Claudia works directly with vendors, customers and employees one-on-one. She provides financial information to Electrocube stakeholders and human resource support to all Electrocube employees. A true team player, Claudia is busy rolling up her sleeves with Electrocube and their partners – a position she relishes.

“Electrocube has a tradition of strong team members and, particularly, strong female managers. It’s not only interesting to see all the different applications we’re a part of. From large global companies to local manufacturers, our team and customers are varied and unique. But, I see it as my personal responsibility to continue that great tradition to work hard to build personal relationships with each one of our partners and customers.”

Claudia builds and maintains teams in and out of the office. As an avid sports fan, Claudia loves the spirit of competition, comradery and the ability to get her hands dirty. To do the work. The mom of two still plays co-ed softball and soccer and volunteers as a coach for local youth soccer leagues, something she’s done since the late 1990s. She’s even grown a female soccer division in Pomona from four to 10 teams. Claudia enjoys and instills a love of sports and competition not only in herself and her family, but also with the intent of increasing the number of girls actively participating in sports.

“I truly admire the dedication required to develop skills and talent. It’s so important to begin at home in your local community. Although we’re finally seeing female sports embraced on a larger scale, we need to continue supporting girls’ sports in our local communities to keep the momentum growing.”

Claudia’s activity doesn’t end on the field. She’s in perpetual motion.

“My two kids, husband and I love to take local road trips. We often drive a few hours along the coast, stopping to enjoy the salty breeze and admire the surroundings. A visit to the desert at springtime is a favorite destination. With so much to do around SoCal, there is never a dull weekend.”

For Claudia, among family, sports, road trips and two curious kittens at home, Biggee and Copernicus Pepper, there’s never a dull moment… and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
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