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Don Duquette Vice President, Program Manager
Don Duquette Vice President, Program Manager

Don Duquette

Vice President, Programs Manager

As a member of an Electrocube founding family, Don Duquette is a part of the engineering design, manufacturing and sources servicing company’s legacy and future. A manufacturing engineer in military electronics, Don’s previous employment – including that at a contract assembly house – made him particularly well-suited to co-helm Electrocube in 2000.

“In my past work experience, it was commonplace to have people in a company for 30 years. People matter,” says Don. “At Electrocube, that tradition of loyalty stands strong – working hard for our customers and one another – while continuously moving the company forward.“  

Task- and project-oriented, Don focuses on leveraging each person’s strengths and managing the details – a strategy designed to keep Electrocube positioned to thrive well into the future.

“We’re all a part of Electrocube’s success by doing what we each do best. For instance, my specialty is tactical work – numbers, writing work instructions, cost estimates and product pricing,” says Don. “Clay’s strength is strategy and employee, client and government relations. We complement each other – doing our part and doing it well.”  

Don’s business craftsmanship is reinforced by his hobbies. “Church activities, wood and machine-working – I learned a lot from my Dad. In fact, his hand-crafted manufacturing equipment still sits in our shop as a reminder to ingenuity born out of necessity and equipment built right and built to last,” says Don.  

But, it’s his love of motorcycling, backpacking and hiking and that truly round out Don’s strengths. On weekends, he can be found on an antique motorcycle or hiking in the High Sierras, a trek he and business partner, Clay Parrill, make yearly. “What’s not to like – clean air, fantastic vistas? It’s important to maintain perspective. We don’t talk business out there, but we bring that sense of focus and purpose back with us. It’s in everything we do at Electrocube.”

Purpose. People. Personality. These are hallmarks of Don’s work at Electrocube. “I like to say we’re all bozos on this bus,” adds Don. “A company is made of people – each one is a unique personality with specific strengths – all of whom make our work enjoyable. We [Clay and I] continue to encourage those unique personalities to deliver quality products and solutions to our customers.”

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