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Tom Colella Engineering Manager
Tom Colella Engineering Manager

Tom Colella

Engineering Manager

Since 1984, Tom Colella’s dedication to perspective is a unique and valuable trait he brings to Electrocube – an engineering design, manufacturing and sources servicing company.

“I like to approach and look at things with different facets to see and think in new ways,” he says. As the engineering manager, Tom oversees product design and production, develops process specifications and ensures that client requests for technical assistance are handled well.

“I have always enjoyed the technical aspect of living. There’s nothing like developing a product from design to reality. It’s an exciting and satisfying challenge.”

An industry veteran since 1972, Tom’s products can be seen on Mars, under the sea and up in the air – a diverse grouping of products for a diverse group of clients. “I like interfacing with clients, seeing through their eyes and developing what they each need.”

Like his approaches to complex design solutions, Tom came to Electrocube via an unconventional route. Working as a rock band guitarist aboard a Mississippi riverboat to pay for college, Tom developed his then-hobby for electronics. In the midst of his pre-med schooling, he chose to pursue electronics, earning an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from West Coast University. He never looked back.

“I always told my two sons, `If you really like something and can make it your life’s work, you never really work a day in your life.’”

Tom’s personal pursuits enhance his continuing efforts to imagine what it’s like to be in a different place and time. A fan of classic black-and-white movies, he seeks flicks that realistically capture the true feeling and emotions of the film’s era. A devoted newlywed since 1971 and an amateur geologist and historian, Tom and his wife search and explore towns and mines in the Southwest. “We like to get out, get away and really try to feel what it was like to be there.”

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