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2020 Parrill's Picks & Wendy’s Wisdom

Read our annual forecast of industry and business trends

For 2020, Electrocube’s annual forecast is served up as a top-pick list of what’s needed, what’s next, and what’s new.

What’s needed?

  • Develop a forecast model with patient persistence for recovery as the dust continues to settle from sweeping challenges in the commercial airline industry, and continue to support highly skilled manufacturing employees in the aerospace industry. Why? Currently, there are no immediate replacements from the next generation of the workforce – and automation domination is still a way off.
  • Understand that the pros, cons, and effects of on-shoring and offshoring are more in flux. And, with the coronavirus outbreak, one thing not to mask is the potential impact it may have on any offshoring with China in the supply chain. The question on everyone’s mind: How will this impact lead times?

What’s new?

  • The strong economy is fueling investment in new products.
  • The recent lift of $750 billion in trade tariffs between the U.S. and China is bringing a painful adjustment period to an end, but there is also positive potential for real improvement in the months and years to come.
  • The challenge of maintaining a high quality and reliable supply chain of raw materials is ever-present – compromises may appear to save money up front but may actually decrease cost- and time-efficiencies long-term.

What’s next for Electrocube in 2020?

  • Strategic investments are the backbone of our forecast model. With new machines and expanded staff training, we’ll further enhance optimal solutions for the critical applications of our customers.
  • Steady diversification is the name of the game. Our research and development efforts with new advanced material testing are aimed at offering significantly improved product performance.
  • Staying power will continue to drive the quality manufacturing of our “tried and true” legacy components as a mainstay in the widespread applications of our customers – from industrial heavy machines to high-end consumer products.

Join us in looking ahead...

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