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Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide

340D Series Film Capacitors

The Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide 340D series exhibits superior electrical characteristics over an extremely wide temperature range. The miniature size, high Q, excellent IR and capacitance stability make the 340D series ideally suited to filter network and other low-loss high frequency applications, including electric vehicle circuitry, high-powered inverter applications, avionics, and solar- and wind-power generation. Proudly made in the U.S. with proprietary techniques, it is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.


Temperature range

  • -55°C to +150°C at rated voltage

Dielectric strength

  • Will withstand 200% at rated voltage and 25°C for a period not to exceed 1 minute
  • Current limited to 5 mA

Life test

  • Will withstand 140% rated voltage for 250 hours at +150°C with not more than 1 failure in 12 permitted

Dissipation factor

  • Will not exceed 0.3% at 25°C

Dielectric absorption

  • Will not exceed 0.1% at 25°C per MIL-PRF-19978

Acceptance criteria

  • Measurement frequency for capacitance and dissipation factor will be:
    • 1,000 Hz for values up to 1 mfd.
    • 120 Hz for values over 1 mfd.

Insulation resistance

  • At rated voltage or 500 V, whichever is less, units will meet minimum values as follows:


  • Protective clear wrap offered on all wrap and fill units; add .010" to maximum D dimensions for protective clear wrap
  • Foil construction and standard tin-coated copper-clad steel leads; nickel, copper, dumet and other special leads available
  • Potting material and endfills meet or exceed the flammability requirements of UL94VO
  • Compliance and certification to worldwide and other environmental standards available upon request; available in Non-RoHS construction only
  • Customizable insulating sleeves, mountings, special terminals, non-standard leads, circuit connections and other hardware
  • Assorted styles, ratings and customization for unusual requirements necessitated by special circuit applications (including higher IR or lower DF)
  • Dimensional variations for all mfd. values available with same volume
* Add tolerance designator to complete part number: F= ±1%, G= ±2%, J = ±5%, K = ±10%, M = ±20%
* Add tolerance designator to complete part number: F= ±1%, G= ±2%, J = ±5%, K = ±10%, M = ±20%
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