Electrocube, design manufacturer of electronic components

Electrocube Ordering information

The Electrocube part number describes the capacitance value in picofarads using the first two digits as significant figures; the third digit is the number of zeros to follow.

Electrocube marks the part with the capacitance value expressed in microfarads.

All modification designators may not be stamped on parts.

A Moisture Resistant Requirement
B 100% I.R. Required
C Special D.F. Requirement
D Tape and Reel Required
E Wrap and Fill Radial Leads Design
G Premium Stamp - Two Part Epoxy Ink
H Customer Part Number Required on Part
I Special I.R. Requirement
J Glass Tape/Flame Tape/Flame End-Fill (Flame Retardant)
K Flame Tape/Flame End-Fill (Flame Retardant)
N 100% Burn-in and I.R. Required
P Temperature Cycle Required
R Flame End-Fill Only
V 100K Hz ESR Test
W Clear Wrap
X RoHS, Non-Compliant, Contains Lead
Y 10K Hz Screen Test
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